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Sweet Treats Walking Food Tour of Hollywood provides guided food tours of the best on-the-way and out-of-the way food, chocolate and extraordinary sweet shops & restaurants in Hollywood, interspersed with celebrity stories. We find the best Churros, Tacos, Chocolates, Pretzels, Pizza, Donuts, Crepes, and more! A Hollywood walking tour you will never forget. Sweet!"

This is a delious guided walking tour of Hollywood! On this food tour you'll make a total of 10 stops. Three (3) will be off the-beaten-path at restaurants where the locals go. Enjoy full tastings of pizza from a famous 40 year old eatery. Taco's from a very unique restaurant shaped like a catering truck, & crepes from a tasty little "dive" restaurant.

*Other stops include sweet shops for samples of: churros, gelato, chocolate truffles, pretzels, and donuts. Don't worry! There will be a lot of learning about the sweet making business, celebrity stories, the rich history of Hollywood & the architecture and design of historic Hollywood buildings too.

What you'll get-

                         * Ticket for 1 to Hollywood Food & Alcohol Tour.
                         * Full samples of pizza, crepes, tacos, donuts, churros,
                            chocolate truffles, pretzels, wine & beer.
                         * Includes a stop at The Dolby/Kodak Theater rooftop view of
                           Hollywood for Port wine, beer and chocolate rest break.

"After a late breakfast, my family wanted to go out for dessert and do some sightseeing. Some wanted candy and others wanted ice cream and pizza or pastries. The "Sweet Treats" Tour Guide turned out to be perfect! It satisfied all of our desires!"
                                     -Jack, Tucson, AZ.      
                                                     "Sweet Treats Walking Food Tour made my family's day!" The
                                                       food tour guide was sooo good! Just go!                 
                                                      You'll love this tour!!"   -Jerry, Hawaii

                              "I can see why this is one of the best food walking tours in Los Angeles!
                                                                                                          -Kate & Sara San Francisco

"There was nothing to plan and we simply followed along, as the tour guide took us to places that featured all the sweets we like to try. They were great!"
                                                                                        -Cindy, Baltimore, MD.
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